About me
Welcome to my blog, photography by olli. I am olli and this is a blog about photography. I'm originally from Belfast in Northern Ireland, but these days I live the life of a serial expat. After living in Tirana, capital of Albania, Munich, in southern Germany and Tbilisi, Georgia in recent years, I'm now living in Washington DC. Along the way photography became my hobby.

About this blog
Here you will find plenty of images and also occasional short articles on photography. The links in the menu bar will help you find you way around. Want to visit my photography by olli website? Go to website. Want to change the look? Go to classic and pick an option from the drop down menu. Want to search by label, check the archive or subscribe? Hover over that narrow black strip on the right hand side and all will be revealed.

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Comments are always welcome and I can be contacted directly at olli@photographybyolli.com. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the pictures.